Come Dine With us… on Gourmet NLP! With Drs Jan & Graham Dexter


We are looking for 15 people who would like to experience an intensive NLP coaching/training day. Learn how you can apply this leading edge discipline to your business or personal development with immediate impact. In our unique approach, you can choose workshop courses to create your best value package.


Our à la carte menu:


Hors d’Ouvres

Fast track learning state

Your Well Formed Outcomes



Enhancing Communication


Approaches and Attitudes –the Practical Application of NLP Mindset


Main Course

Conflict Resolution


Effective Meetings



The Right State: Confidence and Beyond


Motivating Others: Matching Patterns


Special Offer Fully Inclusive Price £65.00

Tempted? If you would like to indulge, you need to bring a dollop of curiosity and a morsel of work that you would like to improve or change. We will bring the recipes that will transform your questions into satisfying answers and ensure personal attention as well as group input.

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How? All sessions are highly participative, informative, and enjoyable. Tutors are known for making the complex simple and for the quality of experience they create.

Contact: David McNeil, 01362 684244 or 07921 664595


Drs Jan and Graham Dexter are visiting Senior Fellows in Business Coaching at LLMC, and run their own business specialising in the application of NLP practice with individuals, teams and businesses. They teach Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses to internationally recognised standard. They are not just NLP – they are Dexter & Dexter NLP