HAVENING - The Biology of Human Touch.  Havening is a scientific based therapy that treats a number of disorders arising from stress and trauma.  


The SCIENCE:  The body is an electro-chemical organ.  Sensory input and communication in the body is electro-chemical by nature.  The Breakthrough in how I can treat you is at the electro-chemical level.  When we encounter high stress/trauma, our body is flooded with dopamine, adrenalin and noradrenaline and cortisol...and a sticky enzyme that gets stuck in the synapses between the Neurons.  Synapses are junctions between nerve cells when a memory is created and stored - the emotional element of the memory is held on the sticky enzyme.  Havening can 'unstick' it.....forever!


The Havening TOUCH:  a firm, slow movement on your arms, palms and face, causes a change in brain chemistry and permanently removes the emotion from the memory.  


Put simply, this process works as it de-links a thought from a feeling so that you will be able to remember that something uncomfortable happened, but you'll never feel the same discomfort about that memory ever again.